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    Estimate IT

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
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    Quote IT

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
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    Win IT

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
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    Schedule IT

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
  • Acknowledge IT

    Acknowledge IT

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
  • Produce IT

    Produce IT

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
  • One Hit Management

    One Hit Management

    PSL Datatrack is a flexible, modular production control system designed for both small and medium size manufacturing businesses. Read More
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Latest News

  • PSL Datatrack Proud To Support The BTMA

    As a long standing member of the British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association (BTMA), PSL Datatrack recognises the important role that the organisation plays in helping the manufacturing industry to source
    Read More
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What is PSL Datatrack?

  • A flexible, modular production control system
  • Designed for managing both small and medium manufacturing businesses
  • Scalable and tailored to work the way you do
  • Fast, flexible and precise - Simple to use

Who is it for?

  • Component manufacturers and sub-contractors
  • Manufacturers of make-to-order Assemblies
  • Companies assembling products from Bills of Materials
  • Businesses looking for better control of overheads
  • Manufacturers maintaining or seeking ISO accreditation

What does it do?

  • Streamlines the entire production process from quotation to invoice
  • Reduces the administrative time and paperwork burden
  • Helps businesses meet customer deadlines and compete profitably
  • Provides fast and accurate reporting for informed decision making


Proud to

  • Our Pace

    DP Eng 100 x100"We didn't need to buy all the modules from day one, since the system could progress at a pace to suit the business."

    David Proctor, DP Engineering

  • More efficient, competitive and professional

    Hydrafeed 100 x100"PSL Datatrack is making Hydrafeed more efficient, competitive and professional. We are in a position to win more engineering sub-contract work and continue to expand our barfeed operation, confident in the knowledge that PSL Datatrack will allow us to cope as it can be adapted easily to new requirements."

    Martyn Page, Hydrafeed Limited

  • Foundation for our success

    1502 Fylde 100 x100"PSL Datatrack helps to bring the whole operation together in an accessible, easy to use system that has provided the foundation for our continued success."

    Julie Fairclough, Fylde CNC Specialists Ltd

  • Operating More Effectively

    Just Nick 100 x100"'Status boards' improved employee awareness enormously and resulted in an improved overall performance. Now everyone is operating more effectively."

    Nick Groom, MD, Qualiturn Products Ltd

  • Slashed our Admin Times

    AIM 100 x 100"We have slashed our admin times - orders are now processed in minutes rather than hours, even for complex aerospace contracts"

    Rob Kendall, AIM Limited, Clevedon

  • Impossible without PSL Datatrack

    Plastic Turned Parts 100 x100"The administration behind the manufacturing of a wide variety of engineered plastics parts in many different batch sizes for many different customers would have been impossible without PSL Datatrack."

    Jonathan Newis, Plastic Turned Parts 

  • Our auditor was impressed

    PSL Bernard Holmes 100x100"We bought PSL Datatrack in anticipation of starting the process of becoming ISO 9001 registered to help us get better organised. Within six months of having Datatrack installed we had approval with zero non compliances. Our auditor was impressed with how quickly and easily everything flowed from one module to another."

    Russell Thackray, Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd

  • In a few clicks

    Roger Innes, INRO LLP"PSL Datatrack delivers accurate information quickly. I can have a customer on the phone and in a few clicks, can solve his problem or mine."

    Roger Innes, INRO LLP

  • Absolute peace of mind

    Turner Precision Engineering in Western AustraliaFind out more about Turner Precision Australia"Our PSL Datatrack system ensures our deliveries match our promises and the traceability of materials and documentation gives our customers absolute peace of mind." Find out more about Turner Precision Australia

    Ken Turner, Turner Precision Engineering (Aus) Pty Ltd

  • Would recommend it to other SMEs

    Bluebell 100 x100"We are happy with PSL Datatrack and would recommend it to other SMEs. The initial hard work has paid off and we are now a tighter more efficient unit. PSL Datatrack have been absolute rocks in terms of the support they have given us."

    Paul McCann, Bluebell Opticom Ltd

  • Efficient multi-currency invoicing

    Demand Image 100x100"PSL Datatrack enabled us to implement changes to our invoicing methods efficiently - as when we introduced multi-currency invoicing including the US$ and the €uro."

    Barry Kirkpatrick, Demand Technology International Ltd

  • Control & Traceability is Second to None

    RDL Technologies 100 x100"We liked the way PSL Datatrack could be tailored to our specific needs from the beginning and also gave us the option to expand into different modules as and when we wished.  The way the system flows and the control and traceability we have over our work is now second to none."

    Lewis Lockwood, RDL Technologies Ltd 

  • Day to day support is excellent

    killala quote"The combination of system flexibility and the day to day support we receive from PSL is excellent, helping us to maximise our investments – not just in PSL Datatrack, but also in the performance of our machine tools and production systems."

    Delan Loughney, Killala Precision Components Ltd

  • Will grow with me

    Sheldon 100 x 100"I have seen PSL Datatrack work highly effectively for a multi million pound turnover company with 60 employees and a far larger customer base than mine at present. I therefore know that the system will grow with me right into the future, taking care of the administration whilst I focus on the engineering and providing the best service to customers."

    Howard Sheldon, Sheldon Precision Engineering Ltd 

  • Status Boards are Key

    Qualiturn 100 x100"Key to success within the sub-contract industry is making components to the correct quality at the right time and a competitive price. PSL Datatrack has been, and continues to be, key in helping Qualiturn successfully manage these challenges."

    Nick Groom, Qualiturn Products Ltd 

  • Communication is Excellent

    Brown Holmes 100x100"For me, the system we chose is right, and PSL have developed their systems in line with our development of our business. The software is flexible enough to be tailored to suit our changing needs. Communication between our companies is excellent and they have proved themselves to have a good understanding of our business."

    Carl Baker, Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd

  • On-time Deliveries

    Maylan 100 x100"Customer service with on-time deliveries, no rejects and repeat business remain the key factors. PSL Datatrack helps us to achieve these goals."

    Stephen Weiss, Managing Director, Maylan Limited

  • Integral part of our operations

    Kevan Kane, Technoset Ltd"Datatrack is an integral part of our operations at Technoset Ltd. It supports our business in many facets and is particularly strong with traceability which is very important to Technoset and their customers."

    Kevan Kane, Technoset Ltd

  • Very Happy with the System

    Seychell 100 x 100"PSL Datatrack continually develops new functionality for the software and good on-site support has been provided during the planning and implementation of training & new modules. I am very happy with the system and the huge amount of change we have implemented in the company over the past year which has been highly successful without any issues."

    Roger Williams, Seychell Engineering & Fabrication Ltd 

  • Stream Lined Delivery

    SubCNC 100 x 100"The facility to have accurate data, a complete component stock list, and a stream-lined delivery process was very appealing."

    George Dingley, Sub-CNC Precision Ltd 

  • Smooth and rapid progress of orders

    Daro 100x100"I see us working with PSL Datatrack for many years to come. We have worked together for a long time and the way PSL Datatrack is set up ensures smooth and rapid progress of orders going through both our businesses. PSL Datatrack always supplies excellent service and back-up."

    Sarah Pennock, Daro Products Limited

  • Essential to us

    Mach Tech 100 x100"Datatrack has been essential to us and we'll continue to use it as an important element of improving our operations still further in the future."

    Phil Merison, Machining Technology (Mach-Tech) Ltd

  • Accurate planning

    Unicut 2 100 x 100"Accurate planning on a day-to-day basis and in particular for the longer term, is helped because decisions can be made against factual information."

    Jason Nicholson, Unicut Precision Ltd

  • Control vital admin functions

    ADS 100x100"Maintaining control of non-productive but vital admin functions is paramount. We could not maintain control without Datatrack."

    Pete Wells, Applied Drilling Systems Ltd

  • Readily adapted

    Technoturn 100x100"PSL Datatrack has left me free to run the business rather than be involved in it. It can be readily adapted to meet customers’ differing requirements."

    David McIlwain, Technoturn Ltd

  • Benefits are immeasurable

    WilliamsOakey 100x100"We have put our faith in the professionalism of PSL Datatrack and it is really paying off. I don't have to run or write the software anymore and can focus my time on the important management of our processes. Now we have the PSL Datatrack system, the benefits are immeasurable."

    Martin Presley, Williams & Oakey Engineering Co Ltd

  • Entire Business at our Fingertips

    Unicut 100 x 100"When we bought PSL Datatrack, we got a system that we could use quickly, does everything we ask of it and more and now we have our entire business at our fingertips."

    Jason Nicholson, Unicut Precision Ltd

  • How did we manage before?

    Wealdpark 100 x 100"We can now retrieve any information at the push of a button. To be honest, it is difficult to see how we managed before we had Datatrack."

    Phil Smith, Wealdpark Ltd

  • One of the Best Investments

    John Clark, Chartway Industrial Services Ltd"We chose Datatrack as the software system to manage and bring together our production and administration systems. It's one of the best investments we have ever made."

    John Clark, Chartway

  • Highly Efficient System

    ANR 100 x100"First and foremost, we are a product manufacturer and PSL Datatrack was already proven as a highly efficient system, being used extensively in a number of complex engineering businesses and batch assembly operations similar to our own."

    Nick Wilson, ANR Manufacturing Ltd

  • Price breaks easily managed

    SubCNC 2 100 x 100"We often get price break requests on the same part and before PSL Datatrack, these used to sit idle awaiting the effort required to work them out. The module has saved us a lot of time, and I’m confident we are winning more work because we are simply quoting more."

    Yian Stavrou, Sub-CNC Precision Ltd 

  • Excellent training and flexibility

    NDPrecision 100x100"PSL Datatrack has provided excellent training and the flexibility to address ND Precision Products’ specific requirements. Great reaction times to queries and ongoing support have resulted in a well nurtured relationship forming between our two companies."

    Nick Squire, N D Precision Products 

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