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Growth and success for CNC 2010

Simplified shop floor scheduling
Automated works order processing

Fast, accurate and more efficient quoting
HSM Components maximises profitability

ADP Precision achieve overall efficiency
How AW Engineering doubled its turnover

Valuable service and support
Tooling modules offer complete control

Why Gauge Calibration is essential
Streamline audits and accreditation

Vertex Precision Engineering moving up
Improve machine shop efficiency

Scheduling with PSL Datatrack
Rigor Precision now run more efficiently

Drive your business forward with PSL Datatrack
Essential for the growth of Caffyn Engineering

Keeping DP Engineering one step ahead
Taking Technoset to the next level

How to digitise your shop floor
Changing the dynamic of CTPE

PSL Datatrack hardware requirements
Built with subcontract precision engineers in mind

Quality made easy with PSL Datatrack
Taking Miniature Manufacturing to the next level

Stock control with PSL Datatrack
Profitable quotations in minutes

What hourly rate do you charge?
Easiest way to improve your machine shop?

Preferred choice for Caffyn Engineering
Bedford CNC streamline with PSL Datatrack

Simple, intuitive and built for engineers
PSL Datatrack holds Empire together

First purchase for Northants Precision
AW Engineering couldn't run without it

Introducing PSL Datatrack
Newtech wish they had done it sooner!

An essential component for Maylan
Size is not a problem for Bedford CNC

Do you run your business this efficiently?
Reduce bottlenecks in your machine shop

Great way to grow your machine shop
Production control software - it's essential

Winning more business with PSL Datatrack
How easy is it to use PSL Datatrack?

Buy a product, get decent training
It's about return on investment (ROI)

PSL Datatrack build a relationship
Who is PSL Datatrack?

PSL Datatrack take Jota to the next level
PSL Datatrack help Hydrafeed grow

An off-the-shelf product that is bespoke
Software to get you on the right track

PSL AIM for the right solution
PSL provide massive efficiency for Wealdpark

  • Quality Is Central

    PSL Datatrack makes CTPE more efficient and streamlined"Quality is central to everything that we do. Once we decided to go for ISO 9001, it made perfect sense for PSL Datatrack to become part of our quality procedures in advance. We could have relied upon our paper-based administration system but knew PSL Datatrack would make us more efficient and streamlined and would certainly help us to retain accreditation once we achieved it."

    Alex Taylor, CTPE Limited

  • Focus On What We Do Best

    When the time is right, Bedford CNC can invest in additional complementary modules"We are engineers, not administrators, and we can now focus on what we do best – manufacturing high quality components and looking for new business opportunities. When the time is right we can look to invest in additional complementary modules to streamline our business even further."

    Andy Soos, Bedford CNC Ltd

  • Helping Us To Further Enhance Our Customer Relations

    PSL Datatrack enables faster production decision making"PSL Datatrack has enabled us to run our production and administration a lot more efficiently enabling faster production decision making, thus helping us to further enhance our customer relations."

    Claire O’Brien, Quantum Precision LLP

  • One Of The Best Investments We Ever Made

    Linear added to the original modules as their business requirements changed"It is one of the best investments we ever made. We have added to the original modules as our business requirements changed plus we get all the upgrades and great support from PSL Datatrack."

    Andy Allan, Linear Precision Engineers Ltd

  • One of the Best Investments

    Datatrack provides effective, efficient control of all planning and production functions"We chose Datatrack as the software system to manage and bring together our production and administration systems. It's one of the best investments we have ever made."

    John Clark, Chartway

  • An Auditor's Dream

    All supplier, material and process certifications are easily accessible through Document Management"Datatrack is a logical choice for an SME. It is an auditor's dream – all supplier, material and process certifications are easily accessible through Document Management, which also significantly increases efficiency when dealing with client queries. As our business evolves, PSL Datatrack gives us the ability to bolt on new modules as and when required."

    Dan Wahnon, Technoturn Ltd

  • In A Position To Win More Engineering Subcontract Work

    Hydrafeed are confident that PSL Datatrack will allow them to succeed"We wouldn't go back now to our old time-consuming administration processes. We are in a position to win more engineering subcontract work and continue to expand our robotic and barfeed operations, confident that PSL Datatrack will allow us to succeed."

    Martyn Page, Hydrafeed Limited

  • Day to day support is excellent

    Running PSL Datatrack results in improved utilisation of machine tools"The combination of system flexibility and the day to day support we receive from PSL is excellent, helping us to maximise our investments – not just in PSL Datatrack, but also in the performance of our machine tools and production systems."

    Declan Loughney, Killala Precision Components Ltd

  • Control & Traceability is Second to None

    Traceability from quotation to invoice"We liked the way PSL Datatrack could be tailored to our specific needs from the beginning and also gave us the option to expand into different modules as and when we wished.  The way the system flows and the control and traceability we have over our work is now second to none."

    Lewis Lockwood, RDL Technologies Ltd

  • Helped Us To Win The Work

    Stellar Precision can demonstrate that they are very organised by using PSL Datatrack"The traceability that this affords has been really good. We have shown some potential new clients the way that we can book in materials and save the supplier certificate to the system for instant access. We can demonstrate that by using PSL Datatrack we are very organised and this has certainly helped us to win the work from those companies."

    Glenn Poleykett, Stellar Precision Components Ltd

  • Can Be Moulded To Suit Whatever Business Need Arises

    The PSL Datatrack system is easy to understand and versatile"PSL Datatrack has developed their system in line with the way we have developed our business. The system is easy to understand, versatile and, with the help of the team at PSL, can be moulded to suit whatever business need arises. We would definitely recommend it."

    Steve Smith, Brown & Holmes (Tamworth) Ltd

  • PSL Datatrack Takes Care Of Everything

    PSL Datatrack takes care of everything so Bradda doesn't get bogged down in manual administration"The control that PSL Datatrack would bring to the business was clear. We are primarily engineers and PSL Datatrack takes care of everything so we don't have to get bogged down in manual administration work. It was exactly the platform we needed."

    Kenneth Oates, Bradda Engineering Sàrl

  • The invoicing module is a particularly great help

    Davturn can now run a customer order from the initial works order through to the final invoice seamlessly"Alongside a good quality product, we have always tried to offer a professional service. With PSL Datatrack it became possible to streamline our quotation system and run a customer order from the initial works order through to the final invoice, making us more efficient. It has reduced our administration times considerably and the invoicing module is a particularly great help."

    Mark Birley, Davturn Limited

  • Streamlined The Management Of The Company

    Any Wealdpark director can log in to PSL Datatrack and see exactly how they are performing"PSL Datatrack has made our lives so much easier and streamlined the management of the company. A lot of our business comes from recommendation and PSL Datatrack makes sure everything is right. Any of our three directors can log in and see exactly how we are performing."

    Phil Smith, Wealdpark Ltd

  • Very Customer Focussed Supplier

    DP Engineering has close control of its business thanks to PSL Datatrack"PSL Datatrack is a very customer focussed supplier. They help us to look at our own operation and improve what we do for our customers. We have close control and management of what is now a much larger business than in 2005. We wouldn’t be where we are without PSL Datatrack's expertise and support. They understand what we are trying to achieve and help us to get there."

    Phillip Anthony, DP Engineering

  • Status Boards are Key

    Dynamic status boards can be customised by PSL Datatrack to suit exact requirements"Key to success within the sub-contract industry is making components to the correct quality at the right time and a competitive price. PSL Datatrack has been, and continues to be, key in helping Qualiturn successfully manage these challenges."

    Nick Groom, Qualiturn Products Ltd

  • Keeping Control of Production is Vital

    PSL Datatrack ensures that no invoices are overlooked"We knew simply recording and storing customer and production information on the company iPad would not be sufficient. We were already missing some jobs or sometimes not invoicing correctly. So, bearing in mind all the likely combinations of orders for different components, quantities and materials that an increased customer base was likely to bring, things had to change."

    Adam Green, G23 Engineering Limited

  • Benefits are immeasurable

    PSL Datatrack aids high quality precision engineering"We have put our faith in the professionalism of PSL Datatrack and it is really paying off. I don't have to run or write the software anymore and can focus my time on the important management of our processes. Now we have the PSL Datatrack system, the benefits are immeasurable."

    Martin Presley, Williams & Oakey Engineering Co Ltd

  • No-brainer

    PSL Datatrack controls every order from quotation to invoice"I was determined to build the business around first-class customer service and using PSL Datatrack to effectively run it from the outset was vital, and a no-brainer for me in terms of investment. It's easy to use, traces and controls every order from quotation to invoice and shows me exactly what's happening on the shop floor."

    Charlie Caffyn, Caffyn Engineering Ltd

  • Will Help Us To Build Even Better Customer Relationships

    PSL Datatrack software can grow with Newtech"We are aiming to expand the business and will invest in new machining technology. But just as importantly, we know that the PSL Datatrack software can grow with us whether that means getting more of our staff to use it or whether it means investing step by step in more modules. It has been great for us so far and will help us to build even better customer relationships."

    Alan Riley, Newtech High Speed Turning Ltd

  • Totally Improved Our Efficiency

    PSL Datatrack enables MDJ to spend more time on customer communication and quality monitoring"PSL Datatrack has totally improved our efficiency within the manufacturing process, enabling us to spend more time on customer communication and quality monitoring."

    Dave Trow, MDJ Manufacturing Limited

  • So Easy To Use

    I&G can call PSL Datatrack for immediate technical support"If any new staff member using the PSL Datatrack system needs help, or we need any other technical support, we can ring and get it straight away. That being said, with the system being so easy to use, it’s not often needed."

    Michael Evans, I&G Engineering Ltd

  • PSL Datatrack Controls Everything From Enquiry Through To Invoice

    PSL Datatrack supports ANR's wide range of requirements, from simple single-material components through to 1000-line BOMs"With our wide range of requirements, from simple single-material components with in-depth processes through to 1000-line bills of materials, PSL Datatrack controls everything from enquiry through to invoice."

    Nick Wilson, ANR Manufacturing Ltd

  • Upward Trajectory With PSL Datatrack

    K & M now plans to schedule and forecast with PSL Datatrack production control software"With a future focus on scheduling and forecasting, K & M Precision Engineering Limited is poised to continue its upward trajectory with PSL Datatrack as a valued partner."

    Denise Dunderdale, K & M Precision Engineering Limited

  • Much Simpler And Quicker

    Administrative tasks such as raising purchase orders now take seconds, rather than hours"Administrative tasks such as raising purchase orders now take seconds, rather than hours. Reviewing BOMs, which can range from 2 to over 100 items, plus managing outstanding quotations, works orders and invoices has become much simpler and quicker."

    James Boxall, Reeling Systems Limited

  • The System Is Very Flexible With Its Modularity

    PSL Datatrack tailored production control software specifically for Jota's requirements"The focus of PSL Datatrack as a company is right on the precision engineering sector and the needs of companies like Jota Advanced Engineering. The system is very flexible with its modularity but most important for us was that PSL Datatrack could tailor the software specifically for our requirements."

    Ryan Goodger, Jota Advanced Engineering Limited

  • Couldn’t Live Without PSL Datatrack

    PSL Datatrack has made important company transitions seamless for Maylan"We couldn't live without PSL Datatrack. It has made important company transitions seamless and supported our move into new markets with a greater variety of profitable work."

    Stephen Weiss, Maylan Limited

  • We Couldn’t Have Found A Better System

    ADP's customers are benefitting from its use of PSL Datatrack production control software"Our customers are benefiting from our investment in PSL Datatrack, as a result of our quicker response time to quotations, the opportunity to review job costings easily, our ability to pass on any potential savings and, as the system drives the business, it means they receive jobs on time. We couldn’t have found a better system than PSL Datatrack. It has suited our needs perfectly and we have already recommended it to a customer."

    Steve Cross, ADP Precision Engineering Limited

  • No Duplication Of Data Required

    AW Engineering benefitted immediately from closer control of  quotations and sales/purchase order processing"We initially invested in a number of PSL Datatrack modules and benefitted immediately from closer control of our quotations and sales/purchase order processing functions. What's more, information for a quotation only needed to be entered once and would then run right through the factory once an order had been secured, with no duplication of data required."

    Mark Felstead, AW Engineering

  • Achieved ISO Accreditation Very Quickly

    Investment in PSL Datatrack meant the business was already being run already to ISO standards"We of course needed ISO 9001 accreditation due to the nature of the motorsport business and with the PSL Datatrack system in place we achieved it very quickly. By having the system prior to achieving the accreditation my customers knew that our business was already being run already to ISO standards but having that official certification is very important."

    Dan Green, Northants Precision Ltd

  • Improving Our Conversion Success Rate

    MP Engineering's fast, streamlined approach to quotations is improving conversion success rate"Over the last few years our fast and more streamlined approach to generating quotations is unquestionably improving our conversion success rate. First impressions count and the professional image we now demonstrate has been essential. PSL Datatrack not only contributes to providing professional and accurate quotations, but also ensures the necessary information is readily available to auditors."

    Paul Blackburn, MP Engineering

  • Flexibility To Expand

    Miniature Manufacturing considered the modularity of the system particularly important"It is designed specifically for subcontract precision engineering companies and we considered the modularity of the system particularly important as this offered us the flexibility to expand it in future."

    Phill Wiles, Miniature Manufacturing

  • The Software Grows With Us

    Modules can be added whenever needed and are compatible with existing modules"One of the attractions of PSL Datatrack has been the fact that you can add additional modules whenever you need them and know that they will be compatible with those that you already have. The software grows with us and helps us to take the business forward."

    Russell Thackray, Bernard Holmes Precision Ltd

  • Maintaining Our Success

    Mach One credits its improved organisation and adherence to ISO 9001:2015 stands to PSL Datatrack"This accreditation has contributed to maintaining our success in delivering high-quality precision engineering solutions. We credit our improved organisation and adherence to these standards to our partnership with PSL Datatrack."

    Lucy Bentley, Mach One Engineering Limited

  • Entire Business at our Fingertips

    Datatrack is designed for managing both small and medium manufacturing businesses"When we bought PSL Datatrack, we got a system that we could use quickly, does everything we ask of it and more and now we have our entire business at our fingertips."

    Jason Nicholson, Unicut Precision Ltd

  • Would Recommend PSL Datatrack To Anyone

    Smart Turn have received excellent support from PSL Datatrack"The PSL Datatrack team is very accommodating and we have received excellent support not only through customised reporting, but also for general technical queries. I would recommend PSL Datatrack to anyone."

    Sean Crowley, Smart Turn

  • More Responsive To Our Customers' Needs

    Rigor Precision were up and running with PSL Datatrack in no time"I'd never had any previous experience with production control software but after minimal training I was up and running with PSL Datatrack in no time. With their support it has been easy to follow and understand. All the information we require to run the business is readily available, saving us no end of time and making us more responsive to our customers' needs."

    Joe Jordan, Rigor Precision Engineers Ltd

  • Transformative Impact Of Production Control Software

    PSL Datatrack has powered AIM towards greater heights of success in the subcontract precision engineering industry"As AIM commemorates 25 years of partnership with PSL Datatrack, its journey stands as a testament to the transformative impact of production control software in the subcontract precision engineering industry. With unwavering support and unparalleled customer service, PSL Datatrack continues to be a trusted supplier, powering AIM towards greater heights of success."

    Rob Kendall, Automatic Industrial Machines Ltd

  • Integrated The Whole Manufacturing Process

    PSL Datatrack cuts time and integrates the whole manufacturing process from quotation to invoice"We contacted PSL Datatrack for a demonstration and it was astonishing that each part of the system matched what we were already doing – but carried out in a way that cut time and integrated the whole manufacturing process, right through from the initial quotation to delivery and invoicing."

    Mark Howlett, TK Fabrications

  • Data Is Powerful

    PSL Datatrack captures everything Technoset needs in a subcontract world"Data is powerful and we are using the information derived from PSL Datatrack to measure the business as a whole and drive it forward. We will continue to invest in PSL Datatrack as it captures everything we need in a subcontract world, providing powerful data accurately and quickly. It’s a superb system with fantastic performance and excellent customer support."

    Adam Land, Technoset Limited

  • Essential To Maintaining ISO 9001:2015

    PSL Datatrack gives Mach-Tech complete production control"PSL Datatrack gives us complete control over the way our production process is managed. It gives our customers full traceability and is essential to maintaining our own ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. We will continue to look to develop the functionality of the software going forward as it remains a crucial element of our business."

    Simon Fisher, Machining Technology (Mach-Tech) Ltd

  • In a few clicks

    Fast, flexible search screens for rapid response to customer queries"PSL Datatrack delivers accurate information quickly. I can have a customer on the phone and in a few clicks, can solve his problem or mine."

    Roger Innes, INRO LLP

  • It's great to see our ideas actually taken on board

    "PSL Datatrack work non-immediate solutions into future versions of the softwareThe service from PSL is excellent. On the rare occasions there isn’t an immediate solution available from PSL Datatrack, it will be worked into the next update of the software. This forms part of their customer Wish List initiative which is very handy. It’s great to see our ideas actually taken on board and implemented."

    Stuart Wade, Empire Manufacturing Limited

  • Very Knowledgeable And Professional Service

    PSL Datatrack helps its customers achieve or maintain ISO and other accreditation"We decided on using PSL Datatrack production control software after looking at many systems. The deciding factor was its user-friendly interface and ability to work alongside our ISO 9001 quality system. The team are very knowledgeable and provide a professional service."

    Tim Moss, M & M Turned Parts Limited

  • Precise, Accurate And Professional Documentation

    PSL Datatrack provides precise, accurate and professional documentation"PSL Datatrack production control software provides us with precise, accurate and professional documentation and allows us to keep track of our production and exactly what’s happening at any time. Looking back, the investment couldn't have come sooner and really should have been made on day one."

    Stuart Dunklin, AI Precision Engineering

  • Would recommend it to other SMEs

    Efficient Production Control adds value by minimising the burden of administration and therefore reducing overheads"We are happy with PSL Datatrack and would recommend it to other SMEs. The initial hard work has paid off and we are now a tighter more efficient unit. PSL Datatrack have been absolute rocks in terms of the support they have given us."

    Paul McCann, Bluebell Opticom Ltd

  • One Version Of The Truth

    CNC 2010 are more confident quoting, can process more orders and are now able to seek ISO 9001 accreditation"We now have one version of the truth. Processing times have reduced and there is no lost information as there was with our previous paper-based system. We are more confident with our quoting, can process more orders and now have the controls in place to become ISO 9001 accredited."

    Emily Coleman, CNC 2010 Ltd

  • Far Less Time Spent On Administration

    PSL Datatrack has allowed HSM Components to spend more time in the workshop and planning business growth"There is far less time spent on administration and more time spent where I want to be, in the workshop making parts for my customers and putting plans in place to grow my business."

    Steve Rigby, HSM Components

  • Impossible without PSL Datatrack

    PSL Datatrack provides the ability to create quotations faster than the competition"The administration behind the manufacturing of a wide variety of engineered plastics parts in many different batch sizes for many different customers would have been impossible without PSL Datatrack."

    Jonathan Newis, Plastic Turned Parts

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